In order to reserve dates for an informal cruise aboard my barge, please follow the following instructions. Rather than by email, you are also welcome to telephone me aboard the barge in France. 

The first step is to check our cruising programme and decide which section of waterway you would like to cruise or alternatively check your available dates against where we hope to be at that time of year. 

Next, you need to email your preferred dates so that I can check availability. Please try to be as flexible as you can, providing alternative dates where possible and most importantly remembering to provide your name, email address, the number of people in your party.

Iíll check your dates against the bargeís current bookings and let you know if we have the space to enable your booking to proceed.

To confirm that reservation, I'll need to receive an email from you stating the dates agreed and acceptance of the barge's terms of booking

I will then confirm your booking and reserve your dates for seven days during which time you can arrange to pay the deposit.

Guests enjoying a nice glass of wine a T'Leuken in the Netherlands
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Guests enjoy a nice glass of wine at a beautiful mooring at T'Leuken in the Netherlands

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